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Plugins (Nuke/NukeX)

Nuke/NukeX CameraShaker

While Nuke/NukeX has a built in CameraShake node, I found myself constantly setting up a node flow similar to the one shown on the right to be able to see a preview of changing the variables in the CameraShake node. Rather than also computing the possibly complex nodes prior to the CameraShake node, the output dropdown box on the gizmo panel switches between the source (SRC) sequence connected above and the nested Checkerboard. By default, the checkerboard is formatted to the dimensions of the project, but it can also be adjusted through this panel, without having to break out the gizmo into a group and adjust it manually within the nest.

Click here for the Gizmo link to download this for Nuke/NukeX from NukePedia.

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