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Inscriber Graphics


As part of my duties working on WSIU-TV's River Region Evening Edition, I had to compose an instructional document for the operation of my position as a graphics operator for the daily student run/produced broadcast. To the right is that document. To my knowledge, this documentation was used for training future graphics operators until the software was replaced.

Wireless Network Configuration


I had a group class homework assignment where individuals had to document how to do a computer related task. I assembled pages 5-7 of the document to the right.

Motion Capture Manual

During my time at The DAVE School, I had the task of creating the documentation of the motion capture system at the school.

Audiovisual Classroom Instruction Manuals

When the Fish and Wildlife Services' National Conservation Training Center's audiovisual classroom instruction material was created, it was a generic manual. 
While most of the instructions are generally the same, the equipment and touchscreen automation services were different enough that I updated the instructions for each of the 23 classrooms. Included are a few internal and external guides that I've also created to help with operating equipment located onsite.

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