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About Me

Originally from Loveland, Ohio, I attended and graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, where I majored in Radio and Television, specifically video production. I received a minor in Information Technology, with a specification in web site design and maintenance. My credits from my college experience include being an on screen actor in an episode of 26:46; videographer, editor and sports commentator on SPC-TV's Saluki Sports Show; the production crew for InFocus, Scholastic Hi-Q, basketball remote productions, and River Region Evening Edition, all for WSIU/WUSI-TV. After graduating, I was an Audiovisual Technician, Operations Technician, and an Audiovisual Manager; while performing these roles, I aided in providing audiovisual services to clients within several hotel and conference center locations. I was also a production crew volunteer for WKRP-TV in Cincinnati on Friday Night Fu, Lincoln Ware Live, and SciZone.


Aside from Southern Illinois University, ​I returned to school in June 2012 at The Digital Animation and Visual Effects School—known better as The DAVE School—in Orlando, Florida, where I studied and applied the skills and techniques I learned over the course of the year to begin a new career. The project we worked on and submitted for graduation was Code Red: Intergalactic Trauma Unit, on which I primarily composited and camera tracked most of the bridge scenes, as well as creating some pre-visualizations of the space scenes. Following graduation, I assisted in making this project better for a few months until I got my first professional start in visual effects through The DAVE School on the movie, Frank vs. God. The second movie I worked on was The Legend of Hercules, by Millennium Studios/Worldwide FX, and returned there to work on The Expendables 3. Afterward, I returned to Orlando, where I worked on King's Gambit and Sharknado 3. Afterward, I became a teachers assistant at The DAVE School, assisting visual effects and gaming students between June 2014 and June 2015 on a total of 7 student produced projects; this includes 3 short films, 3 video games, and a special collaboration between the short film and video game courses.

As of December 2015, I work for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service as an Audiovisual Systems Customer Service Representative with Photo/Graphics Specialist editing duties.

As a freelancer, past projects I've worked on include content for Disney Shanghai Resort, Inhumanwich!, and "The Virtual Bible Project." My current projects include visual effects artist for Solus, graphics artist for Skindurance, photo restoration projects, and an open source media database project.

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